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Dead Samurai

Dead-SamuraiDead Samurai is another awesome game from the Wolf Games studios. They are famous for their super popular flash games, including Gunblood, Apple Shooter and others. The developers decided to make a great fighting game and I think they achieved this goal. When I first played this game, It took me only few seconds to find out how to fight, but it took hours of playing it until I felt satisfaction. Dead Samurai is a unique mixture of the greatest fighting games of the decade - Mortal Kombat, Street Fight and others. The abilities of player are just awesome - you can make different combo attacks, use special weapons, get the sword of your enemy if it falls to the ground and many others things. Dead Samurai has 3 bonus levels where you can earn an extra life or even update your fighting skills. There are 8 different characters in the game. All of them differ from each other not only by their look but also by their primary and secondary weapons. You must try them all to find out which one is the most powerful. Also, remember that there are 2 Bosses in the game. The first one is rather skillful warrior with two heads and two swords. Killing him is not an easy task, but the second boss is just a nightmare. He has a special device that lets him fly. Fighting with such flying warrior is a difficult task. There are also some cheats in Dead Samurai game. You can locate them at out website. Hope you will enjoy the full version of the Dead Samurai game at our website.